employer branding

How to build your employer brand


How do you become the company that everyone wants to work for? Well, maybe you already are a great employer, but it’s a well-kept…

Why you need a go-to charity


What’s a go-to charity? Your go-to charity is the cause that for one reason or another is close to your heart. It’s the charity…

work from home

To be or not to be at home (working)


How do you decide where to place your laptop? Lately, I have met a number of startups and service providers working from attractive and…


What would Dexter do?


I love watching TV. I’m sorry if that makes me sound lazy or unambitious. After all, I can list all the books I could…

myth of moving on

The myth of moving on


A young husband in my extended family just died suddenly, leaving a younger wife and a two-year-old son. Talk quickly shifted to how she…


What are Pamunications?


What are Pamunications? It does seem a bit self-involved to name a form of communication after myself, but hey, so is creating a blog….