What would Dexter do?


I love watching TV. I’m sorry if that makes me sound lazy or unambitious. After all, I can list all the books I could be reading, languages I could be learning, bookshelves I could be building instead of binge watching another b-level series on VOD.

I’m not unapologetic – I am sorry. There, it’s off my chest and now I can move on with my friends and role models, Dexter, Alicia Florrick and Olivia Pope.

Role models? Yes.

What would Dexter do?

Wouldn’t it be great to go through life with a team of writers planning how you will calmly respond to every conflict? To be ready with a carefully calculated quip for every workplace dig? To respond with wisdom, humor and clarity to my children’s issues.

So I think to myself, when faced with a particular dilemma, what would they do? How would Dexter get the eight year old to care about homework? How would Olivia deal with this particular power grab at work? How would Alicia handle that comment from my neighbor?

Of course, this is just a moment I take to myself before muddling through the best I can without my team of scriptwriters. After all, my issues are not going to wrap up neatly after 40 minutes and the other characters in my life are not going to conveniently forget what I say and do now…when the next episode rolls around.

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  1. the real question is how Kevin Spacey manages to get all his staff to do his sh-t on House of Cards : relatively on time, well executed, and without whining!!! i want those writers!!!

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