Bumped into an old friend…of my late husband


I was sitting at the bar in a crowded restaurant during the lunch rush when the man sitting next to my friend said, “Pamela?”
I stared back and nodded, and he smiled and said, “It’s Jackie.” A shiver ran through my skin. Jackie. The hairdresser-turned-businessman who set up shop in our basement periodically while my husband was weak with cancer treatment to cut his hair…and cut my son’s hair too…and be a friend.
Jackie, who didn’t ask for anything in return except the opportunity to do something kind for a friend and his family when they were in need of kindness.
He got up from his chair and hugged me. His eyes were wet and so were mine. I had not seen or spoken to him since Jeremy died in July 2008. We have just slipped into 2016 which means it’s been 7 and a half years. I didn’t ask him for his number or friend him on Facebook…I doubt we will be in touch. But I am writing this because the next day I am still feeling the shiver and relishing the reminder of how good people can be to each other.
I just wish I could tell Jeremy that I saw him.

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