Jeremy’s Circle


Helping kids be kids when coping with cancer in their families

Jeremy’s Circle is a supportive community based on friendship and fun for the children and young teens in Israel growing up with cancer in their families or who have suffered a cancer loss.  Since its first fun day in December 2008, Jeremy’s Circle has brought together hundreds of young families at over 40 fun days at themed parks, museums, and much more.

While there are organizations in Israel that support people with cancer and their caregivers, there were no organizations to help support the young children in their families. We often say that children are the center of the family, but when survival has to take the center stage, the children need to take a step aside. At Jeremy’s Circle events, the children are back in the center. We are often told by the families that may not have the emotional or financial resources to take their kids to after school activities or days-out, that they wait for our emails announcing the next activity.

You can read about past and planned activities on the Jeremy’s Circle website, see pictures in our gallery, or get ideas for your own family fun days in Israel on the our Pinterest page.

Jeremy’s Circle is named for Jeremy Coleman (1969 – 2008).

Jeremy’s Circle was conceived by Jeremy Coleman together with his sisters Juliette and Naomi, and his wife Pamela Becker while he was undergoing treatment for stage four stomach cancer. He was inspired by the way his friends and family helped his three kids, then all under 6, maintain a sense of normalcy and offering them a break from the tension at home, by taking them out for hikes, sleepovers, movies and barbecues.


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